We love Pokemon and crypto. Combining these two passions, we have PokeMOON!

As in Pokemon community is key here. Together we enroll a 

moonshot project, driven by the community.

Holders will have hand over every marketing move and any further development of this token or its use-case.



fueled by a strong, pokemon loving community

Lovely community

build with trust and sharing the same passion


Our plan!

(This roadmap depends on community effort)

In Phase 1:
We will build our community. Volunteers will be added to the outer team so make this project big.
We will collect marketing funds from dedicated members to hit coinhunt.cc and cryptotokenspace.com with our Ads.
In Phase 2:
Let's get serious... When we reach 1500 holders and a daily volume of atleast 500$, we reach out to coingecko and apply for listing.

In Phase 3:
We get in touch with influencers and youtubers. A real-world use-case will be researched.
In Phase 4:
Cooperate with known companies and start a worldwide marketing campain, promoting our use-case.


Fast-Audited by Rugscreen.com

Liquidity Burned in the fire in the Fire of Moltres

Ownership renounced